Digital Learning Centre

Digital Learning Centre (DLC) at Dr GRD Memorial Library provide access to technology and training to help users learn new digital skills and improve their digital literacy. DLCs can be a valuable resource for library patrons, especially those who may not have access to technology or who may be new to using computers and the internet.
Access to technology:
DLCs provide access to computers, internet access, and other digital tools that may not be available to patrons at home. This can help patrons to develop digital skills, access online resources, and complete tasks such as job searches or online learning. Digital literacy training: DLCs offer training programs and classes to help patrons improve their digital literacy skills. This can include classes on basic computer skills, internet safety, online research, and using digital tools such as email, social media, and productivity software.
Job readiness:
DLCs can offer job readiness training, including resume building, online job searches, and job application assistance. This can help patrons to develop the skills they need to succeed in today's job market.
Community outreach:
DLCs can serve as a hub for community outreach programs, including after- school programs, coding camps, and other technology-related programs. Digital Learning Centres can be an important resource for library patrons, providing access to technology and training that can help them to develop digital skills and improve their digital literacy.

Resources Available

  1. Video Courseware: Coursera, EdX, MIT Courseware, IEEE
  2. Research support Tools: Mendeley, Researchgate, ORCID
  3. Statistical Software Tools:  SOFA, SPSS
  4. Web Designing Tools: Wordpress, Weebly, Webnode, Blogger
  5. Online Survey Tools: Google Forms, Survey Monkey
  6. Content Management System: Drupal, Joomla
  7. Content Development System
  8. Library Management System: KOHA, DSPACE
  9. Course Management System: Moodle, Google Classroom

Services Offered

  1. E-Content Creation
  2. Online Certification: NPTEL, SWAYAM
  3. Webinar Sessions
  4. Webex Sessions
  5. Author Workshop
  6. Expert Connect through Skype
  7. Provision for Individual Learning
  8. Live Web Conferencing
  9. Hands on Training Sessions on Electronic Resources

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