Mobile App

In order to increase the visibility of the Library and share the resources without violating the copyright laws, an attempt has been made to design and develop a Mobile App for Dr.GRD Memorial Library. Several digital initiatives such as Knimbus, IRINS and the like were taken in the last year. Now an attempt has been taken to integrate them into a Mobile App with a chatbot. We believe, this effort will certainly bring visibility for Dr.GRD Memorial Library in the National level and will be added advantage during Committee visits like NBA, NAAC and the like.

Name of the Mobile App:
Name of the Chatbot within the App: gibbot (Dr.GRD Memorial Library Bot)

Separate logins have been provided for PSGians and non-PSGians

  1. PSGians: Will be allowed to access/download all subscribed resources including   e-books, journals and E-databases.
  2. Guest: Allowed to only view all resources but not allowed to access or download.

Registration Procedure:

Step 1: Download Exordium from Google Play store. Login page and provides different views for PSGians and non-psgians after logging in.
Step 2:  If you are a new user, click on ‘Don’t have an account?’ to create a new account and password, with official email and click on register.
Step 3: You will receive the confirmation mail in your official email inbox. Confirm by clicking on the link.
Step 4: In the login page of Exordium, enter your email and password and experience your Library

Record your feedback in the Mobile App.

Send your suggestions for improvement to